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Hey there Hunters, First of I’d like to thank @kwdinc for hunting us. My name is Michal and I’m the creator of Mailytics. Our story begins several years ago when we had an idea for a service that would help companies track their competitors email campaigns along with their own. Now this thought has become a reality and I am very happy to see that our project has made it to the Product Hunt community. We provide our users with a platform for tracking, analyzing and storing competitor email newsletter campaigns. You can easily see industry trends and find inspiration for your own email campaigns or just monitor your competition to assist you when making important decisions. We pride ourselves on being very user-friendly and we honestly believe that Mailytics will be a valuable tool in your marketing arsenal. Please let us know what you think, I’d be more than happy to answer any of your questions, comments or concerns. Thanks! Michal … and as a part of our special Product Hunt promotion we are offering a 50% discount on your subscription for an entire year with the promo code “PRODUCTHUNT50”, so check us out! :)
Hi guys, My name is Ivan and I’m a part of the Mailytics team. If you have any questions I will also be here at your disposal. Thanks!
SEMrush had a similar product to this in beta a few years ago. I was extremely disappointing, when they shut it down. It was helpful to see Walmart, Hilary Clinton, and other big name companies newsletters. It could even be broken down to geo location, age, gender, and a bunch of other $#!+ The diversification in copy, headline, and CTA was incredible! Is this the future of mailytics, or can this be done now? @mimecz
Hi @dredurr, we also have in our roadmap persona based subscriptions that will help our users to better understand the specific differences based on gender or GEO. The possibilities in this are really immense and we are quite excited. Today you can sort emails based on country and industry. Also very soon we are rolling out our Analysis module. Thanks for your question! Michael
For any email marketer, this is huge.
Hi @1andrewminer Yes we definitely agree but also Mailytics can also be very useful for people in other professions such as product managers or graphic designers! :) Mailytics can help anyone who needs to know what they're competitors are doing when making important decisions. Thanks for comment, Michael
This is really an amazing tool. All the very best guys
@pavan_belagatti Thanks Pavan! Appreciate your feedback and glad you like it.