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Hey ProducrHunters, we are at the TechCrunch Disrupt today! Our booth is close to the entrance. Come say hi and get some pretty souvenirs!
A year ago, we launched first MVP version of @MailTimeApp as part of TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2014 Startup Battlefield. The original version of MailTime supports only single Gmail account. Now we are happy to launch the completed redesigned MailTime Pro, which comes with unlimited email account support with your favorite email providers. MailTime Pro has gone FREE for a limited time until Sep 25 for Product Hunters! MailTime is an open messenger built with universal email technology. It’s email as quick and easy as texting, and messaging without forcing all your contacts to download the same app. MailTime reformats your cluttered email threads into clean bubble chats, and smartly sort your inbox for you to focus on the most important conversations. Email is about communication, not organization. Therefore mobile email should look like a mobile messenger, not a desktop software! Learn more about MailTime
@heathermhuang When you say "favourite email providers" does that mean standard IMAP support? Couldn't find that answer on the FAQ or the app description. If not IMAP, why not?
@heathermhuang I think I like this. How can I turn off notifications for all but important email? Is it really all or nothing?
@heathermhuang I can't access your site :(
@himenjil ?
@jameskoole we are working on the standard IMAP support, hope to release soon. By the way, we got the domain name from hover too.
Slick idea. Great to see a fresh approach to email. Going to try using it as a main client for a couple days.
@sterlingz hope you have a good MailTime!
Great product from a killer team! Wishing you guys good luck!
Great concept. I'm trying it out to see if a messaging approach would be more efficient than traditional threaded rows.