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Blurring the line between messaging and emailing

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Hello Producthunt, This is MailTime from the current YC W16 batch. MailTime is a mobile app that blurs the lines between instant messaging and emailing. Unlike conventional IM platforms running on private and closed protocols, MailTime is built on the open email technology. Thus, MailTime users can communicate with any email address – the recipient doesn’t need to have the app. MailTime’s content parsing engine simply cuts out annoying metadata and display emails in bubbles that resemble IM (makes email as quick and easy as text-messaging). It prioritizes emails from friends, so users can focus on communication rather than organization. Named one of the Apple AppStore’s Best of 2015 (, MailTime is finally coming soon to android. This is the public beta version before MailTime Android goes live, please help us make MailTime better. Learn more
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@heathermhuang good to see some Android love 😍
For those with an iPhone, you can download MailTime right from the AppStore.
@heathermhuang wonderful, congratz!
Don't know how I feel about this... Slack was coined to take over email, but what it has realistically done is just turn my day into a stream of short text notifications. I have less emails as a result but a never-ending stream of Slack messages. Some people may want to view their emails as messages... Personally I couldnt imagine wanting to mix everything into the same format. When I get an email, I can manage it my own way. Similar to a slack message, unless I've been pinged multiple times (read: urgent). Messages are sometimes answered immediately but often I can forget about them this seems to lean towards a world where all forms of communication via actual text are in the same format and personally I'd really not want that. But I could totally change my mind one day and I see that some people actually may want that!
@bentossell Hi ben, MailTime's real vision is a messenger app that is open. All the current messenger services now are closed platforms built on private protocols. Even if you are a happy user on one messenger, you can not talk to a friend who is using a different service. While email is open and universal, with just one email address you can reach anyone. It's not only about the form, but about an open platform where communication is easier and accessible to anyone. : ) I hope you will love this idea soon.
@brownkuns being able to cross-communicate is one of those things that Im excited and worried about.... for this reason. Maybe I want to keep the people that email me, on email so I can get back to them when suits me. Slack messages are for the back and forth with colleagues and work-related people Messaging is for my friends and family. Currently I love the split and don't want it jumbled into one mess of an inbox. But I do see the value in being able to cross-communicate, don't get me wrong.
@brownkuns what protocol are you using? What about Jabber/XMPP?
Downloading! This seems to be an awesome product, congrats for making it! Edit: Awesome product, is really cool to use e-mail as messages, trust me guys, this is something. But the product needs a lot of repairs to be more fast and good to use (at least on Android). For now I'll stay with regular e-mails, but I will not uninstall MailTime, I want to receive updates and see this product fly!
@gabrielreynard Stay tuned! We will make the Android version even better!
Smart team!
Hi @heathermhuang, love the idea. How do you monetize?