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3 years ago, we were making a voice messenger TalkBox and scaled it to 13million users. It got copied, died and we started over again with MailTime, a communication app on top of universal and open email technology. Let's have some Quality MailTime.
cool! obligatory Android app question?
@mastef Mailtime's Android version is now under development, it may takes another 2-3 months. Please sign up for Android beta on
@heathermhuang nice! I see you guys are based in Hong Kong. Will reach out when I'm back in the city, or let us know when you're around Bangkok area :-)
Congrats, Heatherm! Maybe extend the notification to Apple Watch? ;)
Very cool to see them building e-mail for the next gen. Excited to try it out.
@belaurie It's officially launched on AppStore. Have a Try!