Find anyone's professional email address in seconds.

Mailswipe lets you find anyone's email address in seconds and only charges you when we actually find an email address.
Seamlessly synchronize your newly discovered leads with Lemlist, Close, Woodpecker, or any of the other integrations we have coming up.
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Hello Product Hunters, and thank you @kevin I'm very excited to present Mailswipe to you. When I ran my own cold outreach agency I kept running into the same problem. There are plenty of email finders out there, however either A) their data isn't reliable or B) they don't have any integrations that make sense (99% of the time). If you're looking to get your B2B startup of the ground or to thrive in your role as a sales professional you'll need to do a ton of cold outreach. Which is why it's important to have an email finder that integrates with the tools you're using. Mailswipe seamlessly syncs new leads with Lemlist (love 'em!),, Woodpecker, and has many more integrations coming up such as Mailshake and Pipedrive. While Hunter, Rocketreach, or other competitors are doing an amazing job, I believe there is still a gap in the market for a data discovery tool that lets users sync their leads with their sales stack (and not their CRM) and provides more accurate data. I'll be here all day for any questions or shoot me a message on Thank you! Hans PS. O and yes, there' a special offer for Product Hunters ๐Ÿ˜‰
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Love the pricing sell. Pay for what ya get!
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@alex_papageorge1 Thanks Alex, glad you like it! :)
Which sales solution should we integrate with for you to use Mailswipe?
Other (please comment)
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@hans_dekker Thinking salesforce because it's the most popular, ideally for sales teams
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@alex_papageorge1 Makes sense Alex, thanks for the feedback!
Hi @hans_dekker I'm presently comparing between,, FindThatLead and this. What makes this unique and special as compared to others? How can we integrate LinkedIn profiles here to search for emails?
@dhdw I just sent you a message - thanks for reaching out!