Tinder for email. Archive, reply, & unsubscribe in a swipe.

Looks like a cool product @abstractmatter! only: the site doesn't resolve for me?
thanks @bramk! I will check what's going on with our launch rock landing page!
Very similar to Sift, even the freemium model. :D
Indeed @hoandesign! I didn't know this app. Looks well designed too, I will take a deeper look ;)
Just played around with this. Really seamless and put in the $4 for unsubscribes and multiple inboxes. Also, LOVE how it came out of a Startup Weekend event!!
@pe_feeds Many thanks Sumeet! ^.^
@abstractmatter You're welcome! Ran into one bug so far (the "Saved for Later" e-mails don't always show up) but still great all around!
Thanks for the feedback @pe_feeds, can you explain this issue in more details? They are not showing up in the review?