Reach your customers with physical postcards

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Neat idea. Side note: it would be nice if Product Hunt only allowed products that have working betas and not just coming soon landing pages.
@jcsnv - I'd agree with this. Without some sort of product to see/play with, there's not much value to ProductHunt users.
@jcsnv Hey! So just wanted to let you/anyone else know: There is a product demo, that I'd be more than happy to show to anyone who is interested. Those who sign up for the email list will get a link to the demo eventually (hopefully soon), but if you can't wait let me know, and we may be able to work something out!
Hey everyone! Founder here. I wanted to give you all some background. I've always wanted to build something of value for the world, something I could call my own. This has been a two year journey that started with quitting my "safe" job in finance to learn programing with Next I worked at a digital health accelerator before being offered a job with a local startup. Through this whole journey, I've been reading, listening to podcasts, and sponging up the expertise of those around me. Where did all this lead? MailSnail. This is my first tech contribution to the world. The goal is to bring direct mail (which has been my family's business for 20+ years) into the digital age, by integrating some of the best aspects of email marketing into the industry. Scheduled jobs, flexible template designs, List/Blast management, are just a few such MailSnail features that provide a new look to an often overlooked, but already proven marketing channel.
I love this product. Makes direct mail a real possibility with much easier onboarding to understanding it. For an MVP this is amazing.
Really psyched to finally see this live. This has the makings of a product that is meaningful to so many people WHO aren't in the tech only space.
Interesting. I do growth in personal finance where direct mail is a prominent channel. How does this differ from other providers in the space (lob, etc.)?
@michaelwfrank Hey Michael, MailSnail is actually being built on top of Lob! I think they have an amazing offering and I wanted to make it a little more user friendly for non developers, and provide some other convenience features on top of Lob. One of the differences right now, is that MailSnail will provide a way to schedule mailers to go out in the future. Is there something specific that you are interested in? I'd love to chat further, or get any feedback that you can give.
@mbbertino @michaelwfrank big fan. Most tech startups don't think about this old school route. Given your audience and copy skills, this is perfect.