Automated email testing for dev/staging/QA/CI environments

MailSnag provides "fake" SMTP Server, so you never have production issues as of temporary service outages. Build resilient services for emails and don't SPAM customers during testing.

- Error simulation to ensure code handles SMTP outages

- Delay simulation to ensure code handles SMTP slowdowns

- Per Email Sharing and team collaboration

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I have been using it on all of my projects to test emails and newsletters. I was able to uncover that users had to wait couple seconds when submit their feedback in my app if there was connectivity issues with SMTP server. Now my code properly does email in background and users dont notice slowness of SMTP servers.


Very useful and easy to set up


Non yet

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Jacqueline von Tesmar
Community at Product Hunt ⚡️
Hey @dachinat, Can you tell us more about what you've built here? What was your inspiration?
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Dachi Natsvlishvili
Hi @jacqvon, I always needed a tool that would allow me test edge cases in my software around SMTP servers. Couple of times, I had real issue in production environments because SMTP server was unreachable or very slow. I wanted to build a product that would take unexpected out of the equation and let me test my code against different SMTP issues. I also wanted a way to allow my client to see the sample of the emails that would be going out to users, so I ended up building this tool that empowers developers to test their code against edge cases around SMTP server as well as collaborate with designers and product owners around the template of the emails going out to users.