Random aliases for Gmail. More PRIVACY, less SPAM!

In short, Mail Shield creates random, unique and replaceable email aliases (or shields as I’m calling them) which delivers the messages straight to your Gmail inbox. It helps you not giving up of your real email address when applying to online services.
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Hi there 👋! This idea was born with the true aim of getting rid of annoying SPAM and phishing messages that (usually) comes after data breaches, which are happening with some sort of frequency lately! Before I start it, I checked for similar solutions that could help me on that but couldn't find anything doing what I had in mind, so ... just made it. 🤓 Well, it's true that when I was yet developing it, I saw some similar ones coming to life as well, but still, none of them filling my check-list! I did write about this in details here: Well, it has been very useful for myself and I hope it can also help you guys. It's still in Beta and all comments and suggestions are very much welcome. 🙇‍♂️
Can't register.
Hi @softcreatr , Did you get any error message? Can you try again and, if the error persists, tell me what browser/ device you tried?
Hi @softcreatr , just a quick follow-up. The issue is definitely fixed now, please try it again and ping me if you need any help. 😉Thank you for reporting it, btw. 🙇‍♂️
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@rogeriotaques It does, ty. However, the welcome mail is broken. That's all you get: /home/admin/web/
@softcreatr 😱! Give me a minute. Thanks again.
@rogeriotaques I guess, you fixed it. The only issue for now is, that my test emails (sent from are not arriving :P