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Build an automated omni-channel prospecting outreach machine with Mailshake. Send personalized cold emails at scale and set tasks to engage with prospects via phone and social media, all in one sequence, on one dashboard.
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Thanks for hunting us Bram. I'm the Head of Customer Success & Sales at Mailshake and Omni is the software I wish I had when I first started sales in 2012. By combining social selling plus cold calling to email automation you can significantly increase your success with account based marketing. It takes 9 - 11 touchpoint to reach someone & email by itself doesn’t cut it anymore. My ideal flow is: Touchpoint 1: View LinkedIn profile Touchpoint 2: Email Touchpoint 3: Call Touchpoint 4: Connect on LinkedIn Touchpoint 5: Email (usually when I reach most decision makers) Touchpoint 6: Call Touchpoint 7: Check if they connected on LinkedIn Touchpoint 8: Email Touchpoint 9: Call Touchpoint 10: LinkedIn Message if connected or InMail if in Sales Navigator Touchpoint 11: Break up Email What is your ideal flow?
@luizcent exactly what I want in an app. I don't think you can currently accomplish this in Mailshake, can you? (esp view/connecting part on linkedin)
@mark_hami hey Mark, right now it's in V1 so you create a Mailshake task and we'll open up their LinkedIn for you in a new window but your message is manually sent and the tasks is manually completed. V2 will have more direct integrations.
@mark_hami you can use to automate your LinkedIn initiatives. Not super cheap /month but I learned first hand that saves you A LOT of time.
Thanks for hunting us @bramk Mailshake Omni is specifically built for sales teams is based on feedback from 1000s of our customers. I’d love any and all feedback :)

Mailshake is the cleanest cold email solution out there, and super affordable


It's simply yet powerful.


None that I know of

Super excited for this. I'm connecting with prospects on social media already but it's hard to keep track of it all. Looking forward to having it in one place.
Thanks for hunting us @bramk I've built $1M+ in revenue using cold outreach as a big part of my strategy. Any sales teams or companies looking for an easy way to grow leads + revenues can learn more about Mailshake Omni by booking a demo with me here: -E