Mailroom Month

πŸ“° Get massive amounts of press for your startup β€” for free.

Mailroom Month has now ended.

Due to demand, we are now working on the brand new Mailroom app to help people manage their own outreach without hiring a PR company using the power of AI to contact thousands of relevant journalists interested in your startup.

Launching soon. πŸ“¬

Any questions feel free to drop me an email at πŸ‘‹

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There’s nothing worse than spending months building something, only to have no-one see it on launch day. πŸ—“ Designers and developers are notorious for creating awesome things and then becoming frustrated when they don’t get the reach or traction they expected on when they launch. 😀 Of course, sometimes this is because of a lack of product market fit β€” but a lot of the time it comes down to one thing: πŸ“° press and outreach. Many people opt to pay to have PR agencies handle their press and often see good results, but at a huge πŸ’΅ cost πŸ’΅ with very unstable results and little transparency. Others try to go it alone and get bogged down in all the hit and miss efforts they used to try and β€œgrowth hack” their way to virality. And the worst ones just don't bother and expect people to find their product by sheer magic 🎩 (I admit to have been in this boat before β›΅). So over the past few months we’ve put together Mailroom Month - a daily email over a period of 31 days that takes you through the steps of how to pitch journalists and get your project, business, or startup written about in the media. πŸ™Œ Instead of some bullshit πŸ’© about hypothetical approaches, we send you real information on real journalists from real publications every day and show you the best ways to reach out to them. πŸ’― So at the end of Mailroom Month β€” you'll feel comfortable taking complete control of your PR, reaching out to the press and completely crushing your next launch β€” and by getting your product in front of all the millions who want it! πŸ‘Œ Oh, and it’s free for Product Hunters! πŸŽ‰ Let me know if you have any questions πŸ’¬
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@suparchie looks great - not sure what the "rating" field was for in sign up form, or why i'm seeing a company in china in the mailchimp end stage, but eager to see the content
@passingnotes Thanks so much David! I'm also confused as to what you're getting in terms of a rating field. I've just followed you on Twitter - any chance could you DM me a screenshot? We're based out in Shenzhen in the south of China so don't worry that's not an error! πŸ‡¨πŸ‡³
@suparchie sure - it happens after i click to join with just email on the site - using the in-app product hunt browser on iphone - then takes me to this screen:
@passingnotes How bizarre! πŸ˜‚ I know each Mailchimp subscriber is given a contact rating so I'm presuming it's that. How it's in the sign-up field is a little confusing for me though. Did you manage to sign-up OK in the end? If any issues - send me a DM and I'll get you added. πŸ™ Thanks for pointing this out!
@suparchie so in one of the screenshots it shows a reporter, their background info, and recent articles. Is this a part of the emails we will get or is this different software? Also mailchimp asked for a rating during sign up, I left it blank, should something be entered in that box?
sweet Congrats on your launch πŸš€
@iice89 Thank you so much Daniel! Let me know if you have any questions πŸ’¬
I like the drip-feed learning of this programme, looking forward to seeing how it works out. We've used PingGo in the past to great effect, so it'll be interesting to see how this compares.
@stevenjmesser Thanks, Steve! Glad to have you on board! PingGo is an amazing tool - pleased you mentioned it (if anyone hasn't checked it out please do so). They had a super launch here on PH a while back. πŸ’• We think that Mailroom Month could be incredibly helpful and complimentary to someone using something like PingGo (or similar PR tools).
Perfect timing, exactly what I needed! Thanks :)
@akdm_ Woooooop πŸŽ‰ Super pleased for this, Anthony!
Rad concept! Out of your desire to help people solve a challenging problem in the absence of a seasoned PR team, you've created something that has the potential to be useful in an authentic way. Thanks for this! Can't wait to see how everything unfolds.
@camban That's a lovely way to put it dude, thank you πŸ’• Can't wait to start pushing this out. Great to have you on board!