Email lists and campaigns owned by you, not the app

Mailr is an email marketing solution built on top of Blockstack. It gives users complete ownership of their email lists. All contacts are encrypted and stored in the user's chosen storage hub. Mailr also includes email templates and campaigns.
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Justin Hunter
Founder of Graphite
Hi everyone! I built Mailr because I found myself *not* sending email marketing campaigns and not building lists for my other decentralized apps simply because I didn't trust MailChimp and other email marketing platforms. Mailr lets you upload contacts and create new contacts ad hoc while knowing those lists are encrypted and stored in the storage hub of your choice. There is a built-in email template editor that allows you to customize your email campaigns. The dashboard tracks basic information about your emails lists and campaigns. Unlike other email marketing solutions (and some might see this as a negative), there are no trackers. You need to trust your own process rather that spying on the people you send your emails to. It just didn't feel right to build a privacy focused app and then shove tracking pixels into it. Can't wait to hear your feedback! Thanks! -Justin
Anthony RonningBlockchain Dev & Software Engineer
Looks beautiful! Mailchimp has been suspending accounts recently so it's nice to know there's one less point of failure. Plus your lists are encrypted and owned by you, like it should be. Good work!