Mailplane 4

The best way to use Gmail on your Mac

Use all your Gmail, Calendar, Contacts, Inbox accounts in Mailplane instead of cluttering up your browser window.

You'll get powerful new mail notifications, "search across accounts", image annotations, Chrome extensions, AppleScript and much more.

It's the best of both worlds: Gmail's web UI in a specialized native Mac app.

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2 Reviews5.0/5
Been a long time user of Mailplane, and even though I'm now a Superhuman user, with the sunsetting of Inbox, Mailplane will become even more valuable for those times when I need the power and flexibility of Gmail. Lots of stuff to like in this release, with focus on: • Notifications with Actions • Search & Navigate • Annotation & Shapes • Offline Support • Unclutter Downloads • 8 New Extensions • Bookmarks • Use Security Keys Happy to support independent software developers like @rubenbike and @steiger
@chrismessina sorry to derail but do you think I could get an invite to superhuman?? Been wanting to try it out 😁 thank you..
@chrismessina mailplane fantastic. The new version just needs to support spellcheck which was removed from this new version I understand for technical reasons, then it’ll be perfect.
@chrismessina @_theimmortal_ Hanging out on the rails also, interested user!
I already love Gmail's new interface for both email and calendar. I got mailplane because I didn't like having my Gmail buried among my other open tabs, and having gmail in its own window wasn't super practical either. It's a bit pricy for what it offers but it has made my day more productive, so it's fine.

If you love the Gmail hate that it doesn't offer a native Mac email client, get this!


+ Gmail interface

+ Separate home for my e-mail that is not Chrome (where it's too crowded)

+ Makes life easier

+ Multi account support


- Pricy

- Opens Google Drive attachments in an internal browser

@bernardo_campos There's a preference under "Accounts > Advanced" to enable/disable opening Google Drive Links in your default browser.

Off and on for 3 years.


It works flawlessly.


Perhaps find other ways to improve on Gmail features and set itself slightly apart.