Know when your emails are opened & block dangerous trackers.

Mailpanion is not just an unlimited, free email tracking extension for Gmail. It also protects your privacy by detecting and blocking trackers in your incoming emails.
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Hello Product Hunt! We are so excited to finally release Mailpanion, which has been under active development for months. A recurring problem we have seen with emails is that most marketing companies and many contacts use email tracking to know when and how many times you read an email. The loss of privacy was quite disturbing, and there was no solid solution to the problem. You could disable images, but then you can't view legitimate emails normally. That's why we developed Mailpanion, a Chrome extension that integrates seamlessly with Gmail that detects and targets email trackers. It also allows you to track your own emails, so you can know when your email is read or a link in it is clicked. We hope you enjoy using Mailpanion! Mailpanion Team