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From the beginning of Product Hunt, we've watched who's signing up using Intercom and scanning through subscribed email addresses for those that don't register with Twitter, often sending people personal welcome emails. We should be using something like MailMatch for the latter. Great work, @maccaw. You're always hacking on new projects (Sourcing.io and SubList are two more recent products). What's the plan with MailMatch? P.S. those interested should also check out Vibe, FullContact, Connect6, and StackLead.
MailMatch was built over two days and is backed by the data from Clearbit (https://clearbit.co - which I'm a founder of). The main idea behind it is to demonstrate the data behind Clearbit, and also for me to dog-food my own API by building a real-world application. If you like the idea of MailMatch, but just want an API, then head over to https://clearbit.co and try out the two APIs we have there. Right now we've released an API for looking up social data via email addresses, and for looking up company data via domains. We're currently in private beta, but I've put together a special Product Hunt beta link for today: https://clearbit.co/beta/PRODHUNT Let me know if you've any questions!
MailMatch adds public Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn data to your email marketing list.
@maccaw Alex - this is something I've been looking for *forever*! Well done in making a service like this accessible to anyone. I also like your pricing strategy ;)
This is awesome. Much needed simple api getting social data from your emails. Not the first but it'll be the best because Alex.
Perfect timing! Just yesterday I said to myself that I need to find something like this. Thanks for putting it out there, @maccaw! EDIT: When connecting to MailChimp I get a 502 Bad Gateway error.
@kjemperud apologies about that! Can you email me at alex@clearbit.co - I'll love to help.