Automate REAL Handwritten Letters (for Business)

Hey ProductHunt! MailLift was posted ( to the community in the first two weeks of PH by @dshan. We received a lot of love from everyone on ProductHunt and wanted to give back. Let me know if you have any questions! PS. We are having a happy hour tonight. Any hunters in SF are welcome to a drink on MailLift:
@BrianCurliss Hey! What's the Black Friday deal?
@BrianCurliss @dshan Ah I should click the link :)
Technical cofounder here to talk tech/integrations too! Automatically send a letter when a sale closes or as a follow up.
They are really do a wrong things. i got a free letter, but they are don't allow me to send text which i want. They are using it to promo their site. Bad idea :( I'm totally disappointed.
Hey @alexvinogradov4, what are you trying to do/accomplish? I'm not sure if I understand what you mean by "allow me to send text". Can you give me more insight?
@EricWillis, I reached out via Twitter hoping to send you a DM. We have a completely new product line at MailLift called Telegram. Our first consumer app. Up your alley for a posting tomorrow on ProductHunt? :)
correction -> @erictwillis *Wrong Eric the first time ;)