Send PDFs as postal mail

MailJack+ turns PDFs into postal mail without printing, folding, stuffing, or sticking a stamp on an envelope.

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I'm Lee Garvey, the founder of Click2Mail and a lifelong fan of postal mail. Click2Mail was created as a SaaS platform that offers users of postal mail easy and accessible ways to send physical mail such as postcards and letters. MailJack+ was developed primarily to serve the needs of business mailers who have office systems that output PDFs for printing and mailing. Internal fulfillment of these mailings can be inefficient and wasteful of resources. With MailJack+ a batch of thousands of PDFs can be output and dropped into the app in a matter of minutes; postal addresses are automatically standardized, USPS tracking barcodes are added and each PDF is printed by Click2Mail, enveloped, sorted and posted the next day with USPS as First-Class Mail. MailJack+ is the fastest, most efficient way we know of to send PDFs as postal mail, and it's free. Please try it and let us know what you think.