Forward incoming mail to your real e-mail address

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I might be wrong but it's there a feature in Gmail where you can "+word" to your address and it basically does the same? It's been there like for ages.
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@vladzima Yup, and not everyone uses Gmail.
@vladzima some sites block the "+" sign as not valid for an e-mail address. Also, others usually remove the post-sign part and get your real e-mail address. This is good because it hides your real account - there's no way to tell it for sure.
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@tiagocesar Blocking all addresses would be easy knowing the sole purpose of the service is to hide the real e-mail address.
@parasight ...And Throttle is paid. OK, good point.
@sucrose @tiagocesar @mailhero But why would you? They'll still receive your emails unless you spam them. Blocking all Mailhero addresses would just reduce your conversion with no real benefit (if you're a legit).
Finally :-D. This will be really useful for me!
Whoops! Looks like all assets on the main page are throwing server errors!
@connor_stuff It looks like my poor lite VPS which handles the web (not the mail!) can't quite take the load from both being Product Hunt'ed and Hacker News'ed at the same time... It should be up now though!
@falkjosef Still down for me :(
@connor_stuff I don't know what to say... I can't find anything in the logs and it's up here... Are there more people experiencing the same thing?
@falkjosef @connor_stuff well, congrats for this kind of downtime, then :-)
@tiagocesar @connor_stuff Thank you, I guess you could say that. I was taken completely by surprise when I got up in the morning and then realized that my little webapp had gotten so much publicity in a short while. I must admit that it feels really great so many people seems to like the service. :)
Would be great if there was a possibility to add another 'main email'. I'd like to give something.firstname@mailhero to humans & kfiefwe.xlmnz@mailhero to machines.
cool gatekeeper product --- I like the landing page --- I feel the same way