The MailHaven skill allows you to receive packages status updates via Alexa.

Works for all major us couriers (UPS, USPS, FEDEX & others) and non Amazon packages. It's easy to use, simply use the iOS app to create an account and link your Alexa profile to it on the Alexa app.

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5 Reviews5.0/5

Team has been great at listening to feedback and acting on it.


Much easier than just using the app. Sometimes it's just easier to say the things on your mind :)


I haven't noticed any yet. I know it's still a work in progress though

I luv MailHaven!


Super easy to get up to date info on your packages through Alexa.


Can there ever be too much info about where your stuff is?

👋🏾Hi Product Hunters! We started in 2016 with the goal of solving the problem of missed deliveries and stolen packages 📦. Since then we have learnt a lot, saved our users from package hassles and tracked thousands of packages. Today, I'm happy to announce that while we continue to improve our mobile app, we are now focused on creating the best experiences for online shoppers on voice platforms, starting with Alexa. I'm very thankful for your support and our user community that have made us the #1 tracking skill on Alexa. To say thank you, we are giving away Amazon Echos to 5 lucky random users who sign up today. Lets make your Cyber Monday more fun!! Happy Shopping 🛒and Tracking 🗺️
Super stoked to see the MailHaven team continue to launch great things. Congrats @zabimaru_ichigo !
@jessicaelle Thank you Jessica, we excited to explore exciting possibilities in voice.
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