Find, extract and verify emails automatically

#1 Product of the DayDecember 15, 2018

Collecting email addresses, it’s not hard & time-consuming anymore and this time it is free for you.

Collect more email addresses and get more leads with MailDump!

Hey fellow makers and hunters 👏, I am Kesara. I have created 3 extensions for you to collect business emails addresses and validate them. These 3 extensions are based on Chrome and Firefox browsers. You can use them for free to collect your business leads 😍 and I hope you guys find love with this. Thanks in advanced 👌 Kesara
This is very helpful in building mailing lists for new products. I am curious to know as to how are you offering this for free? Is there a paid tier with additional features?
@siddharth_mungekar1 Thanks for your valuable comment, I am working on building premium features
Great job!! 😊 Will check it out
@ayush_chandra Thanks for your comment 👌
Well done. Definitely going to try.
@pankmahar Thank you 😊, let me know how is it