MailDeck 3

Efficient iPhone email client now with alias email support

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Really weird design choice. Looks oldschool/childish.
I'm not sure about the UI of the menu... the folders make it look kind of old school. I know I'm being picky, because I'm liking the rest of the design, but I'm still trying to find a proper Mailbox replacement... sigh
@melissamonteee I've been using Boxer and Spark, for various reasons, and trying others, including this one. I've deleted this one already, though.
@melissamonteee Agreed. It looks like something that should have hit the market five years ago.
You should spend some time on the UI. It doesn't feel as good as it could be. If you can make it happen that all the features are in with a smooth, minimalistic but elegant design, you can attract more users who spend more time on the app.