Validate and clear your email lists from bounces 💌

Our service will be useful to those who are working every day to increase conversion in email mailings and want to decrease bounce rate. We will also be useful to those who want to know who is behind that email.
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Cool for big email marketing campaign
Great job!
We were involved in sending big email campaigns, and managing bounces was a bit painful. We decided that we can prevent sending email to bouncing address and created mailcheck.
@nosovk Hey, this is great. What do you do with email addresses that are uploaded to your service? How do you handle privacy?
@jcalvarezjr we use Google Cloud, no data stored on our servers. We are big fonds of Google products, they do lots of things for us.
@nosovk sounds interesting! for what % bounce rates do you recommend to use your service?
@ranyb it depends. We can say that if you will send only to mailboxes with score over 70 - there will be no bounces at all, like 98% bounce free. But there still be some amount of "full inboxes" for example, which will pass through check. In common if you have bounce rate more then 5% you're doing something wrong. 1-3% is acceptable by most of mail services (AWS SES, SendGrid etc). For cold marketing with tools like GMass and Reply - less then 2% of bounces needed. It's bit more sensitive. You will just bypass inbox in services like Gmail if you have bounces. Good thing is that we have additional checks for Gmail/GSuite and there is almost always correct result.
Great job!!😊 we definitely need it for our brand as we have courses to offer for our customers and often face the issue of bounce mails or spamming issue.

I use it for advertising ( with cold mails.


No bounces from anybody :)


But slow at batch processing (500k+ mails)