Email hosting, dedicated email servers, API-first platform

Mailcheap offers dedicated email servers without any user or domain limits using our in-house API-first hosted email platform with a user-friendly web interface.
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Hey ProductHunters, I'm happy to announce that we have completely overhauled our product range with an API-first hosted email platform (includes a user-friendly web interface).
Hey @pavinjoseph1, Can you tell us more about what you've built here? And how does it compare to similar products out there?
@jacqvon Mailcheap is an enterprise email solutions provider offering hosted email (email hosting), SMTP relay, spam filtering/mail forwarding and backup MX/queuing relay products. With Mailcheap's hosted email plans, you can create unlimited number of mailboxes belonging to unlimited number of domains. The only limit is the hardware resources (storage & compute) of the server. Most hosted email providers offer only shared email hosting (1 mailbox, per user/month pricing) which does not scale for a business with multiple active users or anyone requiring multiple mailboxes. Mailcheap's dedicated email servers start at $25-30/month, can be deployed in minutes using our automated installer, is 100% white-labelled (white-label MX record, IMAP/POP/SMTP/EAS hostname and white-labelled admin panel with custom brand name, brand logo & brand slogan), includes AI spam/virus filtering based on artificial neural networks, Premium SMTP relays (external SMTP relay for high deliverability), geo-redundant backup mailservers, offsite data backups, setup & migration tools, comprehensive documentation & full (L1/L3) support among other features. For more details, see: Features: Infrastructure: Comparison: Signup:
@jacqvon @pavinjoseph1 So in simpleton-speak: - Unlimited business emails/domains-used - Limited storage - Limited bandwidth Sounds like a great offering. I would work to simplify the message of what you're offering here, because I think if more people could quickly understand your offering, they would totally see the value you're offering here! Nice product! 👌
@jacqvon @jarrod There is no limit on bandwidth, only storage (disk space) and compute (CPU, RAM) of the server.
@pavinjoseph1 is bandwidth not a measure of computing in the way you're meaning?
@jarrod Nope, Mailcheap (& our upstream server provider) does not have any practical bandwidth restrictions especially in the context of an email server. Depending on the server, they all have 100 Mbit to 1 Gbit bandwidth with no traffic limits. The CPU/RAM would be the bottleneck/limit long before the server hits any bandwidth limit.
Mailcheap is a load of shit. Signed up with them. Migrated clients to the fancy new service. Features and functionality looked good. Not even a week and the service went down. Status indicates that the service is online (which means the status page is also a lie). None of our clients can send / receive emails. Created multiple support tickets without receiving any customer support. The whole idea behind the service is to get good service; yet now we receive no service. Will not recommend using mailcheap. Zero service and zero customer support. Your service will go down and you will have nothing. Stay very far away.
@alan_dunham Could you please share the support ticket number(s)? I can't find any Dunham as a client in our records.