Track & Understand How Your Competitors Use Email Marketing

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Hi everyone, Carl here — I helped build this product. Happy to answer any questions you might have!
Super smart, @CarlSednaoui. There's a category of products for monitoring competition. Here are others posted on Product Hunt: - Adbeat - Instantly uncover your competitions online ad strategy (cc @adbeat_com) - PricingAssistant - Automatically monitor the prices of your competitors - cromonitor - Monitor Your Competitor's A/B & MV Tests - RivalFox - Automated competitor monitoring and reporting - Site Alerts - Instant insights on any website Back to MailCharts... Are you monitoring competitors' A/B tests as well and if so, how do you know you haven't missed some?
@eric3000 good call on recommending spyfu. The most surprising thing (at least to me) is that there's tools to understand just about anything within the marking world (example: seo:, sem: spyfu, etc) but there's not much available for email marketing.
@CarlSednaoui with infusionsoft and other software, it's possible to send different emails based on what links people click. Something like this doesn't make that possible to track.
Nice list @rrhoover! Not monitoring A/B tests just yet, but that's definitely in the work :) Feedback, feature requests and comments are more than welcome!