Mailbutler 2.2 for Gmail

Enhance the new Gmail with a powerful, elegant add-on 💡

Email in no time. Mailbutler is a Chrome extension that supercharges Gmail with a powerful suite of time-saving tools: schedule emails, get read receipts, insert message templates, turn emails into tasks...

Version 2.2 come with Material Design plus exciting new features: Slack notifications, productivity dashboard...and more.

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👋 Hello, Product Hunt community! Mailbutler is a light-weight Chrome extension that supercharges Gmail productivity, elegantly designed to help declutter your inbox: Despite new smart features, Gmail is still far from being the perfect organizational system that pushes the concept of email forward. Today, we're happy to bring you Mailbutler 2.2: elegantly designed for the new Gmail, delivering you all of Mailbutler's popular features and exciting new ones: Slack notifications, productivity dashboard ... and more. NEW features in version 2.2: 🖌 Material Design: elegantly bringing you all of Mailbutler's nifty tools to the new Gmail 🤖 Mailbutler Slackbot: receive Slack notifications when your email or link has been opened, and when your task is due 🙌 Task integrations: sync your email tasks with Todoist, Wunderlist, MeisterTask, Google Tasks, ToodleDo ... and more. No additional apps needed. 📊Dashboard: view your productivity, saved time, and usage at one glance on our redesigned web Dashboard! Mailbutler is designed in Berlin with secured servers located in Frankfurt. With Germany having one of the strictest data privacy protection laws in the world, our privacy-by-design principle demonstrates professionalism with no compromise to the service we provide. 🙌 Thank you @chrismessina for hunting us today. Our team has worked very hard over the past months finetuning every detail of Mailbutler to bring you a better Gmail experience - so we're looking forward to your feedback and suggestions. 🙏 Enjoy the new supercharged Gmail! Fabian and the Mailbutler team
Amazing team and Amazing CEO :-)
@aazar_ali_shad Thanks Aazar! I love our team too ❤️
It's like a gmail just with superpowers, what made you think of building this?
@aaronoleary Hey Aaron! 😸 Mailbutler is designed to fill in the missing gap between email and modern communication. We’re a big fan of the new Gmail, but it still lacks features that can effectively fit email back to our modern work routine again. We also failed to find an existing extension that: 1) is versatile for both team and single use, be that for personal and/or work emails; 2) provides not only single features like tracking, or scheduling - but everything; 3) doesn't clog up the Gmail interface. ... And so, we did that 😄 Features such as scheduling, follow-up’s, templates, notes & tasks - especially when paired with our integrations - are designed to increase the flexibility and efficiency of Gmail, keeping your workflow as streamlined and organized as possible. I hope you’ll give our extension a try, and do let us know your thoughts!

Mailbutler is available for both Gmail and Apple Mail. As someone who used the G suite for my professional needs for a very long time, I've worked with many Gmail plugins. I like Mailbutler the best as it's an 'all in one package'. I used to have three of four plugins installed, and now this one is all I need.


- Huge amount of new features without clogging existing interface

- Sent Later, Tracking, Notes and Tasks are must haves!


- Irregular update schedule, but getting better

One thing I wasn't clear on, how many accounts does this support? IE, if I have a personal gmail and work g suite, can I use one subscription for both like Boomerang?
@bwb Hey Ben! 😺 Yes, you can use one Mailbutler subscription for unlimited number of email accounts. If you're working in a team - we also provide flexible team options, meaning members in your team / company can each be on different subscription plans. Happy to hear your thoughts and feedback!
@simonewym wow that is awesome, trying it shortly!