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MailButler is just the Apple Mail extension you need in your daily life! With it, you can have delivery and read reports of your emails, set emails to notes, set a special time and date an email should be sent, undo sending or just make an email disappear for a certain period of time from your mailbox.

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Finally, Apple Mail's getting some love. Bravo!
Looking great, finally a good extension to Apple Mail. However, I didn't understand the pricing model - would love to have a one-time payment for the software, rather than a subscription.
Also I tried to add a cloud service like Dropbox or Evernote via the Services tab, and nothing happens.
@avirambm When linking Dropbox to MailButler, are you redirected to Dropbox' website?
@dotguru No, nothing happens. And it's not only Dropbox, it's all the services.
@avirambm That's really weird. Could you please send an email to – we would like to fix this issue for you
why is everything a subscription? in this case, it just doesn't make sense to pay this much annually for a plugin. the indev team has been selling awesome mail app software for years by selling once and then selling major upgrades. that makes more sense imho.
@passingnotes I agree. I think this would be much better as a one time purchase with paid major version upgrades. But subscriptions are all the rage now.
Email Scheduling is a killer feature! But I have my hesitations about the pricing model. I'm afraid that many, like me, will limit the service to the 20 free rides each month. A fixed price would solve this. Or a 'friendlier' extra price plan, like 100 monthly actions for 100 cents. Free is now to limited. Paid is now, for the average user, too expensive.
I definitely can use a PA for my Apple mail app. Mailbutler looks great and is full of nice add-on features. Not entirely sure about the pricing model though. € 5.95 / MO for a non-limited account is rather steep imho.