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Really like the idea! This is going to be big!
@matthijs_soest Thanks Matthijs, we appreciate your support!
Add multiple accounts and IMAP and you become my default mail app! <3
@nicolasegosum @motosamurai Right behind you on the PH list today is "How to raise $1M for your startup" ebook. ;) This looks great though. Congrats on the app debut. Looks to be striking hotter than Hop did for some reason. Perhaps it's the hotter name.
@nicolasegosum @tymrtn Yes, it is the name! We love being orange, red, active and striking and hot! And re the book - we saw that, what a funny coincidence :). Let's see if we can grab $1M to make Mailburn a blast.
@nicolasegosum Woohoo! We are 100% bootstrapped and have received zero funding so far meaning that we have very limited resources. But we will get to IMAP and multiple accounts after a while, it's a pinky promise.
App sounds great, but there's a lot of yelling going on in the copy! "Paul, it's Wednesday, wtf?" "Guys, where are the docs, I'm waiting for the final version!" Perhaps you're highlighting the way email's been made informal, but (maybe it's just me) it makes it sound a bit unfriendly. Quibbles aside, looks like a really cool product!
@mailburnapp haha, it's a minor point, just thought I'd mention it. :)
@manasvinik Hehe, glad that someone is actually reading a copy :). We are sorry if those examples made you unfriendly, we will see if we can come up with something more professional and less bashing. Kudos for comment anyway, especially for the "really cool product" part ;).
Emiel, thanks for hunting us! It's great to be on Product Hunt. Please don't hesitate to ask any questions here - we are very transparent and will answer all of them to our best ability,
@mailburnapp app is great! I've wanted email-as-chat for awhile. Any thoughts on editing the signature though? The forced growth-hacky sig won't work for my work email.
@dwightchurchill We didn't get around to implementing settings screen in our 1.1 version. But we will do that in one of the next releases. We can even charge you $1 to remove the default one, haha :D.
@dwightchurchill Oh, and we are using Localytics ourselves and it's a great tool - thank you so much! We will start paying you once we raise funding and hit 10K MAU users.
@motosamurai great! will happily spread the word until then :). Thanks, we're working hard to build useful tools for apps like mailburn. Feel free to reach out with feedback to me, dchurchill at localytics dot com.
Looks and feels so clean. Goes to my list of Top 20 hunts :)
@michael_ptacek Thanks Michael, we appreciate it a lot!