Get notified of your important emails in Slack

Nice idea - it would be great to set filters (e.g. emails from/for specific recipients & etc.)
@bayka Great idea! We are collecting feature requests and would love to start adding them. Reply, Forward, Delete Archive, I think would also be necessary to really improve the productivity and allow users to do some commonly used actions on emails, without leaving Slack.
Ok. This is really useful for people who love getting email :P In all seriousness, Slack already makes you have less email, so why not just get it sent right to Slack? There are enough useful use cases for this tool from getting your own important emails faster right in Slack (cause who doesn't have email push notifications off, right?!) to getting feedback and support emails pushed to a multi-person Slack channel.
Thanks for hunting Mailbot @hnshah ! We hope this simple tool will help people who use Slack as the main communication tool to stay on top of their inboxes. If you have any questions about Mailbot we'll be more than happy to answer them!
@alexbabin @hnshah seems ironic to get email notifications on slack but i guess until we get away from email completely, this is a necessary evil :) great idea and execution!
Great idea, great product!
Isn't this anti-Slack?
@ryanamurphy No, it is pro-slack:) Mailbot just makes it easier to stay focused. We'll all have email and we'll use it. But if you are in Slack you don't have to be distracted constantly to see what's happening in your inbox. The bot will let you know about that.
These guys do the right thing. No joke