Collect email replies into a Google sheet.

Maiil2Sheet will provide you a free email, ask the recipients of your emails to CC that address and all replies will automatically be collected to your Google sheet
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Hi Product Hunt! I am excited to launch today Mail2Sheet, I got the idea from this @danicgross tweet and decided to build it over a weekend, it is totally free and I am happy to listen to any feedback/features you might have.
This is an amazing idea. i really like how simple it is to setup :) congrats add subject also with replies xD its helpful
@gauthamzzz thanks, will add subject :)
@surfcoderepeat another good addition will be ability to add teams. When we were in a team, we used to end up emailing the same people as cold emails. If there was something like this we would have used it.
Look awesome!
basically great!
Looks great. Will test it out. Thanks for whippin it up.