Disposable email with coolest domain name

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As a domain name lover and startup founder working on email related product, I had chance to own a couple of mail.*** domain names with new gTLDs. My favorite one is actually and I turned it into a free disposable email service over a weekend. Just couldn't find a better domain name for an anonymous email address. Get your from Email startup I am working on Other mail.*** domain names I currently hold,
@heathermhuang @mail MealTime seems awesome! I'l try it!
Cool, I'm going to use this to sign up for more services that I saw on ProductHunt. 😁
wtf awesome 🤘🏻
@tomflemming isn't this the best name for disposable email?
Awesome domain - I am sure there is an interesting suite of products that could be build on this! I kind of want to claim my wtf email - especially for use when I sign up for different services involving also a password. If I use the current wtf mail, anyone can reset my psw, making my identity a little more unsafe.
@sorenrt noted, we are exploring what new features we can add to the MailTime app.
I love these disposalable emails. I comes in handy, especially when you dont want to be in someone's drip sequence. 👺