Mail Pilot

Beautiful task oriented email client for Mac, iPhone, & iPad

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I find most new mail clients unimpressive and am a bit put off that there's no (apparent) demo version... While $8 is pretty cheap, I'd prefer not to pay $8 for something I may use for 15 minutes and decide I dislike.
@bradherman I'm totally with you - we'll be rolling out a trial version of our Mac app when it goes 2.0!
Most of these mail apps look horrible, so even though i don't want to pay $8 for it I will say that the UI looks gorgeous.
My favorite thing about Mail Pilot is their overall approach to e-mail. It is just a to-do list, there is no more read/unread. Since using Mail Pilot over the last year, I find myself reaching the fabled inbox zero multiple times per week, whereas I don't believe I ever achieved that milestone in the years prior.
@GoldFireStudios I'm glad to hear you like the approach! That workflow is what came first - the interface just makes it super easy to use the workflow.
I've been using Mail Pilot for a while, including the beta for Mail Pilot 2, and really love it. I've even stuck with it through all the bugs in previous releases because even with those bugs, my inbox has never been as organized and clean as it is with Mail Pilot.
@andyfortson So glad you enjoy Mail Pilot, and thanks for sticking with us through the bugs! We're rolling out updates almost every week so far this year, and we look forward to delivering a rock-solid Mail Pilot experience.
Hey all - maker here. I know I'm late to the party, but I'm happy to answer any questions you may have!
@alexobenauer Why are you not active on social media, and why the lack of updates?
@yashendra2797 I apologize for that - we've got a new team member on social, getting up and running with it. An update to the Mac app was recently made available, another coming shortly. Always feel free to email me -
@alexobenauer Glad to hear that! Man. That was a swift reply.