Mail Designer 365

Create powerful, responsive email designs on your Mac

Mail Designer 365 is a visual design platform, dedicated to building modern, responsive email newsletters.

Design professional mobile-ready, responsive newsletters for desktop and mobile devices, no HTML coding required! Full layout flexibility lets you create any newsletter layout, thanks to a powerful yet familiar WYSIWYG interface.

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Since it's been asked a few times via our website: You can send via your own email server over SMTP, or we offer built-in integrations with MailChimp and Campaign Monitor, plus Direct Mail have built an integration as well. And of course there's also a HTML export option, so you can create a design and use it with any other tool – your favorite Drip email marketing tool, transactional mail systems, that crazy custom internal newsletter system you've built… There are a bunch of integration guides on the website to help you get your design into your preferred system.
@adrianthomas Hello Adrian, is there any way to edit values via text? Looks like some things aren't editable?
@mrdobelina Most things can be edited in the Style sidebar - but there are a few things (e.g. padding) that can currently only be edited using the visual tools. These are our todo list thought! 👍
Thanks @riaface for hunting us! We’re really excited to talk about newsletters with everyone! Mail Designer 365 grew out of our own email newsletter efforts: our design team wanted to build newsletters more like the way they were used to designing in Photoshop and Sketch. That was our inspiration to build a visual mobile-responsive newsletter design tool. If you’ve ever had to hand-code a HTML newsletter before, you’ll know all about the hacks and Outlooks-conditionals you need to make your design work everywhere. Mail Designer 365 takes care of all that for you. Mail Designer 365 lets anyone (designers, coders, marketing people…) build a custom newsletter, without having to know the hundreds of email client rendering quirks. Our HTML engine knows how email newsletters need to be built, so your design will have clean, compatible code. Design on your Mac, upload directly to MailChimp or export as HTML and send with your preferred email marketing tool. We’re here all day, so hit us up with your questions! Cheers, Adrian