Web-connected smart oven with voice & gesture control

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I dig this idea. Finally, somebody made a "smart" appliance with features that are actually useful -- not just another fridge or microwave that can send text messages.
@GonzoTorpedo Yeah good point. Though the gesture control seemed like a gimmick to me at first. But then I realized you often have your hands occupied/covered in ingredients in a kitchen so actually this could be a useful implementation of gesture control.
@thetylerhayes @GonzoTorpedo Voice control is more important, gesture control still relies on hands.
@willimholte @thetylerhayes @GonzoTorpedo Voice control and gesture control can help when hands are occupied. Also, the Voice Assist would be helpful when you standing at a distance where you cannot read from the screen.
I don't want to sound too harsh, but this product seems to be pretending that it can do far more than it can. Ovens are certainly important, but a smart oven doesn't seem like much of an improvement over a conventional high quality oven. Immediate edit: And the learning/recipe 'store stuff might be great, except recipes are incredibly easy to get. Maybe the learning about you thing is great?
@willimholte Yes, MAID being a personal dietician by learning you is a very important feature. Also, MAID is an upgrade of the conventional oven but we do understand that there is certainly a big room for improvement still.
@nibualias @willimholte The personal dietician feature doesn't seem that greatly tied to the oven, any plans to release it on it's own? (sorry if that's already obvious from the page/kickstarter, I might have missed it)
@willimholte @nibualias The personal dietician takes input from the last cooked dishes in the oven. Yes, it also takes input from the activity tracker in your app/wearables. Hence I suppose it was important to integrate into the oven too.
@nibualias I get why it's important to integrate it to the oven, I just can't imagine a personal dietician that requires the oven. IE: What about the oven makes it a necessary component for a dietician?
@willimholte @nibualias I understand your point. The personal dietician only shows its suggestions in the oven and takes input about last cooked dishes from the oven. It can be done from the app too.
This video is really weirding me out. I think I like that.
Is this product dead? Videos gone as our images from website…