A digital support network for new moms

Mahmee is a HIPAA-secure care management platform that makes it easy for payers, providers, and patients to coordinate comprehensive prenatal and postpartum healthcare from anywhere.
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Awesome to see all the progress you and your mother have made with Mahmee, @melissachanna. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ
I've worked with Melissa as an investor and board adviser for a number years now. Melissa is a sharp and capable young CEO. Evidenced by partnerships with major healthcare institutions and the mother's lives touched, the Mahmee team has built a quality solution to the many challenges related to prenatal and postpartum health. Great to see the current round of funding come together.
I think that this is an incredibly thoughtful solution by a team that has grit and industry know how. I'm excited for @melissachanna and the entire Mahmee team for getting to this milestone and what it will mean for families everywhere.
Love this idea. Any idea that takes some load of stress of new mothers is a great one. Congrats on the recent investment @melissachanna
What does it mean that the platform is HIPAA secure? That you can use it together with healthcare providers?