Recognize great work when it happens

MahaloHR makes it easy and fun to recognize your teammates' great work. Simply give out Mahalos right in JIRA issues, Slack or Gmail. Earned mahalos are redeemable for prizes in your custom company store. From gift cards to raffles, there are rewards for every preference. No new tools to learn or onboard. Forever free for small businesses.

Our hope is to make recognizing our teammates as easy and fun as possible - let us know what you think!
Rally great to use to keep remote employees engaged/ feeling connected
@aaronbensherman so glad to hear! That's one of the reasons we created MahaloHR.
It’s a great product. High engagement within our org.
@joyouslife Thank you! We actually just launched our Jira integration. Would really appreciate any feedback on it and the product overall.
We were one of the first teams to try it out and love the concept! Great way to build morale and camaraderie virtually