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Hey Product Hunters! I’m Huong, founder of Magpie, the first female-focused global travel network. From my personal experiences growing up in embargoed Vietnam and trying to find ways to explore the world, I learned that women face certain unique challenges when traveling - ranging from high costs of traveling solo, to safety concerns while on the road. I started Magpie for female travelers to easily connect with other women, so they can help each other out wherever they go in the world. Magpie is a new approach to building your own community of inspiring female friends across the globe. You can browse, search, find and befriend women sharing common interests in your destinations. Membership is free for users to connect and meet each other. We also provide personalized VIP club membership for members to get hosted by our amazing Magpie female travelers. We would love to hear your thoughts about Magpie. Please let us know your feedback, and we are of course happy to answer any questions that you have. Happy hunting, Huong
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@huongtdt Great idea! I've heard about it on Launch Festival and registered already! Going to Asia in couple of months and will try to use it on my trip. Looking forward to make new friends :)
@madidi707 awesome Ela, glad to have you as a Magpie sister :) Yes we'd love to see you meet our Magpie girlfriends in Asia, can't wait to hear your stories and share with our community!!
@huongtdt Hi, is there a reason why the only way to sign up for the site is with facebook?
@missu our community is for women only, so we care deeply about keeping it exclusive and safe. For now, Facebook is the most convenient way for us to verify your identity and make sure all of our members are women. Our Customer Success team is also here to help ensure the community is vetted person by person. In the future, we hope to expand to various ways of logging in.
@huongtdt Great idea! There is definitely a need for this and I can't wait to use this on my next trip.
Really excited to see this on here, Huong! I wish I'd had Magpie when I went on my first solo trip in Europe back in 2009. :)
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@cathy_trainor Right? I could have used this on my solo trips, too. Huong is one smart cookie!
@lightedstar you can still use it now for when you want to meet local female friends at your destinations <3
@cathy_trainor @lightedstar aww thanks ladies xo
I have a friend who is a single mom and travels globally with her 10-year old. They're headed to St. Kitts presently. I'd love to share this with her!
@lightedstar yes please would love for your friend to use Magpie and give us feedback. Thanks!!!
What a great idea!
@cathnotey Thank you! Let us know if you have any questions or feedback.
Really great to see a quality product launch! My sister travels solo often.. Your service is great for solo recreational travellers.. & I really think travelling business women of all natures will benefit tremendously from your product.. I found this article highlighting travelling careers of all natures: You may want to consider targeting these niche markets to help grow your network! I hope this was beneficial for your to consider! :) Best regards to your success.. & again great product! Jaswinder Brar PS- anyone mention how fitting it is for magpie to launch on pi day? ;p
@jay_bee12345 thank you! would love for your sister to try Magpie. Great link thanks for sharing.... And yes, we timed it to be on Pi Day ;-)