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So-called Shazam for art!
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@chrismessina Best app promotion video of 2016!
@chrismessina my god how I love this video
The product is a really great concept, takes Artsy to a new level with the recognition tools - the interface is extremely user friendly. The only thing I would suggest is to give immediate access to the app without forcing users to create an account. It can be a huge turn off to someone that just wants to check out the software and see if it really works and what it's all about, the app would be much stickier if users weren't committed to have to sign-up immediately
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@aleyadwivedi hi aleya, good point. we are thinking about it, too.
Hi there! Thanks for all the positive comments and thanks to @chrismessina for hunting us. Ever stood in front of an artwork and had no idea who the artist is? Voila - that's why we build Magnus. A few weeks ago we launched it. Three questions have since always come up: 1) Why did you build this? We would like to make art more accessible. The art world is for outsiders hard to understand. And it's not transparent. I always felt like an idiot walking in a gallery and knowing next to nothing about the art in front of me That's why we offer two key features: - Our map: It shows selected art exhibitions you should go to, including opening hours, current shows, etc. - Shazam for Art: By taking a photo of the artwork the app tells you the name of the artist, title, dimensions and the price. 2) How did you build the database? We started working on the app more than three years ago and gathered over 8mio images since. And we add thousands of images daily. How? By crowdsourcing. Whenever an artwork doesn't match we review it and add it to the database. So when the next user takes a photo of this artwork a few hours later, it matches. 3) Why a donkey? A camel was really too expensive :)
@magnusresch 4) What is Shazam?
Looks good. I've recently came across Artbit http://www.artbit.com/. (no affiliation) What are the differences?
This looks great. Where are you getting prices from?
@alexbarneshere we get them through our users. after taking a photo you can enter the price. we display them when several trusted users enter the same price.