Magnolia Market

Shop and preview home items in AR, powered by Shopify

#5 Product of the DayOctober 07, 2017

The Magnolia app delivers the best of to your mobile device.

Built with the Shopify Mobile Buy SDK and ARKit, you can easily preview a selection of products in your home in incredible detail. Buy your shopping cart in a flash with our streamlined checkout using Apple Pay.

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This is a preview of the future of ecommerce and further decline of brick-and-mortar.
Really stoked about this launch! We modelled the 3D products in house and made sure to capture their every detail. We wanted to show how AR shopping is about more than just seeing how something fits in your space. It's about inspecting details up-close in an intuitive way.
Awesome work Daniel! What was the modeling process like for you? What did you use to capture such divine detail?
@dean_glas It was modelled manually using Maya and Substance Painter. Magnolia shipped products to us and we used them as reference. We are also experimenting with photogrammetry as that will be a more scalable solution, but it doesn’t work for all products and materials.
Daniel, this is incredible! What was working with ARKit like?
@nickabouzeid Thanks! As with most things Apple releases, it just feels like magic. Extremely impressed by the tracking and precision for scale. Pretty good docs to for getting started. This was built with Swift & Scenekit because of all the non-AR components, but I've been really impressed by Unity & Unreal's integrations that do more abstraction for you so you can change between ARCore and ARkit seamlessly.
This is uber cool! Definitely spells for a new way to experience E Commerce 👏🏽
Daniel - this is brilliant :) Would lead to such an incredible experience for users.