Smart jewelry that brings loved ones closer (pre-launch)

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Cool concept. It's like YO for your wrist
@realmandan relevant: It was said that morsecode operators could tell who was on the other side by "how they morsed"-- with magnet i've been able to tell how my partner is doing... whether her job interview went well, etc...
Would love for the team at UseMagnet to jump in here.. very interesting angle on wearables.
@BlendahTom Thanks Tom! We've worked hard to make something that only does ONE thing, connect you to one person you care about.
It is Yo for the wrist. Been using mine for 8 weeks and I love the simplicity. The 'haptic' part of it is really effective. Discreet for in meetings / idly thinking about someone special. Tons of use cases they haven't even begun to explore yet: Parent / Child, Team sports (eventually), runners (for support). I love this product. Takes all the noise out and makes you focus on one thing that's important.
Interesting idea! Reminds me of Pillow Talk: Are you worried about similar functionality of the Apple Watch?
@danlev Thanks Dan! Good point. Magnet is different than Apple Watch's digital touch because we've reduced the concept to its single core idea: connecting you to one person you love. We've built a separate physical channel making it easy to prioritize someone you care about without being obtrusive or distracting.
@danlev We found people associated objects with a single person. This is the first and we believe only wearable that connects you with the one person you care about most. It's a feature. For its purpose we believe it's more powerful than the apple watch.