Auto-collect your email's replies in a Google Sheet πŸ’Œ

Magnet automatically collects Email replies into a Google sheet, great for creating a mailing list

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Hey PH! Hope you enjoy this weekend project - Magnet - a dead simple way collect/manage responses to your emails. Simply cc when you send out an email, and all of the responses will be automatically recorded in a Google Sheet (as long as respondents keep the cc). No signups. Completely free! Useful for planning events, gaining feedback from lots of people, and much more πŸ˜ƒ Let us know what you think, excited to hear how people use it! The project was inspired by this tweet from @danicgross
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Hi @jrdngonen πŸ‘‹, Congrats on the launch! Any features you guys are excited about building for this or are you focused on keeping it simple ?
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@taylor_milliman thanks taylor - for now, dead simple! (and free) open to ideas, though :)
I'm a fan of "invisible apps" that fit into existing workflows and communication channels like email or SMS. Nice work. πŸ‘
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@rrhoover thanks Ryan! Me too!
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That's cool, but it would be better if the recipient doesn't necessarily reply with CC. With this way you should ask him to include on CC, which is not always good when you are in business conversation
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Somewhat convenient HUGE security red flag, cc'ing an outside party on every email. How can you technologically ensure privacy, security, and trust here? @jacob_schein @jrdngonen
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