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With Maglr marketeers & designers can easily create visual interactive stories without technical knowledge. We offer a simple 'Template editor' for marketeers based on responsive templates, an advanced 'Pro editor' for the graphic professional. Used for individual articles, magazines, presentations and landing pages. Try it out with a free trial.


  • Pros: 

    Interactive and one of it's kind


    Way overpriced

    Being an Indian, that 100 euros per month is way overpriced ... I feel i can buy the adobe yearly subscription and still be left with money :( I liked the product.. but whatever it can do is what Invision's Studio can do.. free of cost :( if possible can it be free at least for 1 individual and 1 project use and priced for enterprise who can otherwise afford it maybe?

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    Kick UploadDeveloper

    Fast, easy to use, click and play




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Greg Rog
Greg Rog@learnuxio · **Idea Architect** @
I like the idea, it looks simple and intuitive so it might be useful for people without the knowledge of other technologies and tools, but I wonder what exactly makes your project different then the other editor tools? Would you tell a bit more about Maglr?
Ayush Chandra@ayush_chandra · Research Intern & Tech Evangelist
Great job !! What all work can this be used for?? 😊
Berry van Elk
Berry van ElkMaker@berry_van_elk · Owner
Thank you for the feedback @learnuxio & @ayush_chandra. Maglr is not a design tool like Sketch or Figma. With Maglr you directly create the visual end product. It’s not used for prototypes where a developer needs to take it over. If you are a designer, and need to create a visual interactive page without thinking about responsive technical features, Maglr Pro is a product for you. Just like in Sketch you can freely position elements without using a grid. You can choose how elements need to react on different screensizes including mobile. We really tried to develop the Pro editor for the designer who doesn’t care about HTML & CSS rules. And offcourse borrowed some options from existing design tools. Next step for the designer is to create interactions & animations. When ready you test the page and publish it. End result is HTML5 and can be used as a separate article, visual facebook landingpage or embedded inside you website. It’s also possible to combine multiple pages in publications / online magazines. Maglr is not a website builder tool. You use it for content next to your website. Individual publications or articles that need to look cool and where you don’t want to disturb a developer for. Our clients (agencies & internal designers at companies) are using it for : - content marketing articles - staff magazines - customer magazines - presentations - annual reports. For corporate presentations we have a separate iPad & desktop app for offline use. Forget copied powerpoints and create good looking presentations shared from one source through the company, all directly created and maintained by designers.