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For the past few months I have been working on this framework that would allow people to code more powerful UX with more comprehensible and shorter code. Basically it replace HTML/CSS/JS with only Coffeescript code. The web should be easy, in my opinion current solution like Angular and React are far from being developer-friendly. It is very easy to learn and there are no limit to what you can create. I even built the whole website with it !
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@etiennepinchon Excellent work done here. How is this different from (also made by you)?
@justingosan @etiennepinchon Yup. Thats also made by him πŸ™‚
@justingosan was a first attempt but I then stopped and wanted the framework to be more powerful before having a full editor. So magiX is way more stable and advanced in terms of capabilities.
@etiennepinchon is this fully JS compatible? Also can you use sockets with this code?
@jamie_ross Yes of course, you can do anything and it is fully compatible with JS scripts πŸ˜ƒ Here is a quick example: Import '', -> mySocket = io.connect(transports: [ 'websocket' ]) mySocket.on 'something_update', (update) -> log update mySocket.emit 'something', myData
one HELL of a landing page 😻
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@bentossell probably inspired by - I managed to replicate this on iOS for the login of an app I've done a while ago. It's very nice, indeed.
OK, time to learn Coffeescript!
Landing page doesn't open for me. ThreeWebGL.js?b=1482377571511:254 Error creating WebGL context. magix.min.js?b=1482377132.661:5 TypeError: Cannot read property 'getParameter' of null
Nevermind. WebGL was disabled on my browser :) Consider adding the WebGL verification and show a warning message on the page, if WebGL is disabled. Here is an example page that does just that: Hope this will help
@alex_kaul you right! I will definitely fix that! Thanks for the detailed feedback! ;)