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Etienne Pinchon
MagiX just got updated! You can now publish playground projects right into the editor! Let me know what you guys think and maybe share with me what you created! :)


Etienne Pinchon
For the past few months I have been working on this framework that would allow people to code more powerful UX with more comprehensible and shorter code. Basically it replace HTML/CSS/JS with only Coffeescript code. The web should be easy, in my opinion current solution like Angular and React are far from being developer-friendly. It is very easy to learn an… See more
Ben Tossell
@bentossellΒ Β· Community Lead, Product Hunt
one HELL of a landing page 😻
Sunny max
@sunnyua2uΒ Β· Hashmeet.io No Nonsense Clubs
Vladislav Arbatov
@vladzimaΒ Β· Founder http://en.arb.digital
OK, time to learn Coffeescript!
Alex Kaul
@alex_kaulΒ Β· Freeter.io maker
Landing page doesn't open for me. ThreeWebGL.js?b=1482377571511:254 Error creating WebGL context. magix.min.js?b=1482377132.661:5 TypeError: Cannot read property 'getParameter' of null