John Borden
  • John Borden
    John BordenCreative Coder from New Mexico

    I have a newfound appreciation for what I now see as the most majestic Pokemon to grace the franchise and it's impressive jumping strength


    I felt a profound sense of loss when one of my Magikarp jumped too high and was snatched by a Pidgeotto. It was a gold one too.

    In all honesty, it can turn into a real grind late in the game, but it's still amusing to see how they've taken a Pokemon seen as one of the most worthless in the franchise and make an entire game around it. They've even made it so that evolving a Magikarp into a Gyarados feels like a worthless accomplishment.


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Dre Durr💡
Dre Durr💡@dredurr · Growth is the only thing that matters
Gyarados here I come 🤤 Dope 🚬🚬
TwentDoggo@twentdoggo · Student
I've tried it out and it seems like it gets a little repetitive. All you do is feed, train, and jump. You only tap the food and buttons. You can get the different patterns, but it doesn't make it any less repetitive. I can tell they really tried, and I think they succeeded. I enjoy the generations, that helps distract you and give you a goal. I think something like a mini game section would really make the game complete, or when you train you play a mini game. It's just kinda boring. I am going to keep playing because hey, it's a Pokemon game. I think this would be a 8/10 game in my view. They try to supply you with things to do, and I thank them for that. I also like the little details they have, like the older generations, possibility to lose a fish, the other Pokemon, the upgrades, and the décor. I hope they look to expand the game. There is a lot of potential.
José Alvarez Núñez
José Alvarez Núñez@josealvarezn · Visual Designer, Soluciones GBH
This game have the best graphics on mobile experience from Nintendo!
R A I Z A@raiza_abubakar · 🍝 Product Manager | Spaghetti Aficionado
It's actually really funny, and probably the best copy I've seen in a Pokemon game tbh
Whitney Hummel
Whitney Hummel@whitney_hummel · Founder of Hummel LTD
lol, nice :D