Magik Play

Merges real wooden toys with kids educational apps

Magik Play is a smart toy for iPad that merge physical toys with STEM games for kids by using a special kind of Augmented Reality technology. The digital characters react to the constructions creating the perfect fusion of digital and real world play

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Magik Play is an innovative set of games designed for iPad, that combine the power of the digital world, with the benefits of handling traditional wooden toys. It transforms the iPad in a virtual scenario, in front of children can build with the real wooden blocks. There are three Magik Play games adapted to kids of different ages. In each game, kids are challenged to find solutions by assembling the physical wooden blocks. Right now we are on IndieGoGo trying to raise the necessary support to take this project forward. I would really appreciate your support, comments and thoughts!
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awesome product! well done!
this is wonderful! every child should have wooden blocks, an iPad and Magic Play!!
@paulmboyce Hi Paul! Thanks for the feedback! Totally agree with you! :)
Hey Product Hunters! I'm really excited to share with you this project, and I would really like to have your feedback! Don't be shy ;) @bentossell any thought?
@hugofiliper My godson LOVES using the iPad but have to pretend it breaks so he doesn't get stuck to it. Would love something like this to combine both things :) Although to be fair he likes using a lot of educational games not brain-numbing ones. So this would be great!
@bentossell @hugofiliper Thanks Ben for the feedback! :) it just happens the same with my kids. My regular excuse to them is "Oh no... the iPad just ran out of battery" :) It was this behaviour that inspired us to make something totally different. We had the idea to mix the hi-tech with very simple to use toys. At first they seemed like opposite worlds (eletronic vs wooden toys) but they really work extremely well together. It's something like traditional meets the future. Kids actually love it!
This is an amazing product! Hope to see it succeed! It's an original use for all the technology that surrounds us nowadawys! The best of both worlds combined!!
@piuza21 Hi Joana! Thank you for your feedback. Opinions like yours give us the strength to continue our work and hopefully to succeed.