Magik is a platform that help content creators to augment content on printed/offline stuff. They can define offline targets, create, publish and share related digital experiences with Magik users.

For end-users, Magik is a web-browser camera powered by advanced computer vision which trigger awesome content experience on offline targets.

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Hello Hunters, I’m Vini, part of the Magik Team. Our main idea with Magik is to let content creators design and share digital experiences on top of physical objects, through a web-browser based camera. It is our platform very first version and we would love to hear your feedback and suggestions. 👇 Cheers, Vini
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@vini_teixeira love the landing page and product design. Could you tell me the difference between google lens and Magik AI?
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@pregenun thank you very much for the kind words. Regarding the difference between google lens and Magik AI, this is our view: Google Lens tries by default, be a camera that can recognize everything. In terms of vision is really cool, maybe in the future, with the evolution of AI, they may achieve that, but today it kind frustrate users like me. In reality, if you open google lens, Lens will think a chair is a gun, and you will be frustrated. Besides that, content creators cannot create original content based on real-world objects "targets". Magik is a camera solution that by default recognize nothing but LEARN with targets uploaded by content creators (like magazines, newspaper, retail stores, manufacturers, ) letting they create their own experiences and share with their final users. Kind regards, Vini
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It's really cool! Its excited to be able to create custom "QR" codes essentially. UX is a little confusing getting started. Took me about 15 minutes to figure out how to create an experience. The tech is cool. I hope its adopted into day to day cameras, iOS built in camera and IG. I wouldnt use it or my customers wouldnt in browser for a normal use case. GREAT TECH THO!
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