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Yes, but can I buy an actual tiger?
@annebot Yes we do have Tiger biscuits and Tiger Balm. Which one would you prefer :)
Thanks for featuring us @producthunt - do let me know of any queries!
All you have to do is just ask and we will be happy to assist you. Be it groceries, food, movie tickets, travel and anything else you would wish for.
@ilbedussa not really sure where (which city?) this is active?
@bramk @ilbedussa Active in Bangalore India.
@bramk @ilbedussa I used it to search an hotel in Amsterdam from Tel Aviv ๐Ÿ˜Ž
At MagicTiger we want to make everyone LAZY. And Texting being a clear indication of laziness, we enable you to do anything over just a text. We fulfill anything you want - as long as you can articulate it over a text and its legal. We do this via our awesome team which has built a highly scalable chat technology, a fulfillment team, a range of partners with whom we integrate deeply as well as cutting edge Machine learning, NLP and data mining technologies. Exactly the hard work which enables us to make everyone lazy! If you want to work with us - let us know at (Bangalore - India) Reach us at or to me at [we are operational in BANGALORE, INDIA - right now. But should be with you soon!]
@pratyushp hey pratyush, very interesting product. Messaging is a huge space and many apps are trying to assist users with queries. What is your business model here? And does Magic Tiger work under within Whatapp's T&C ?
@goelv @pratyushp It does not work under T&C of WhatsApp I would say, as you are selling goods and the phone is not linked to a person. But nowadays, it does not matter I would say. Big customer centers just added WhatsApp as one of their channels with hacks, the governments use it for campaigns, media companies use it for advertising, etc. It may be a problem in the future? Yes. But for validating ideas that in the future can be moved to another channel, is great.