Safe, curated videos for kids

Today, Magicflix, a Techstars Seattle 2014 company, launches a worry free digital parenting app that engages kids of all ages. The safe, curated kids video service delivers worry free videos from around the world in categories such as Music, Spanish, Math, Science, and Animals. Magicflix is the only streaming service that allows parents to add their own playlists from YouTube and engages kids with edutainment videos that are curated to be safe, age-appropriate and positive.
Great find. Been looking for this. YouTube for kids has been a long time coming; there's a gap in this space for sure.
@abhic Thanks, would love to get your feedback
Could see this as a compliment to the kind of info you get from
@AnujAdhiya Yes, absolutely. Common sense media is the go-to place for ratings and reviews of kids movies and TV shows. Magicflix is the experience that would complement it - we have videos that are age-appropriate and both fun and educational.
Folks, would love to hear from you! We are a team of techies - 3 moms and a guy who have a passion to make this mobile world a safe place for our kids.