Turn proposals into beautiful websites

Turn your proposals into beautiful websites. Surprise your clients with custom landing pages tailored for each project, tell your story and close more deals. - It's magical.
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I used to do the same thing for my client proposals. I'd build a simple one page website themed to their industry, and they loved it! If I remember correctly, I closed 100% of those deals.
Hi Makers, do you have any demo online or just this video?
@icontract_pl Hi Marcin, I'm building a demo as we speak. It should be ready in one hour or so.
@icontract_pl Demo is ready! 🔥 You can access it on
Hey Product Hunt! Everyone sends proposals. As a freelancer, I've sent dozens of proposals with email, pdfs or text. It always felt a bit static and old school. It's 2020, so I built this editor that turns your documents into beautiful websites automagically. ✨ We are currently focusing on proposals, but it can also be used as a simple NoCode tool. 😉 I'm excited to see what you're gonna build! - Phelipe
Great job!!😊 Will check it out! Can we make website based on Google tools such as Google Doc,sheet,slide? Will this use case be possible?
@ayushchandra Thanks for your feedback! That's not possible at the moment but it's in our roadmap. Signup to hear from us! :)
Good start - I'm not necessarily in your target market but this looks like a promising product once refined