A Surface like docking station for the iPad Pro

MagicDock is the world's first desktop docking station designed for the iPad Pro. Our patent pending MagicGear makes going from office work, to graphic design, to recreation a snap!
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This makes me want to buy an iPad Pro even more 😻 Do you have an iPad Pro? πŸ€”
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Great job!!😊 Will check it out!! Why can't this be used for other ipad too? Is it usable for All ones?
"I came up with the idea for Magic Dock after I saw the Surface Studio" 😜
yes, but wouldn't buy this. Keyboard case/stand is suffice plus it has a keyboard...
@danielkempe I'll have both. When at my desk, I'd love to use portrait orientation, elevated, with a Magic Keyboard.
Hello! What are the ports for on the back of the stand?