Direct commuter shuttles between cities and suburbs

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MagicBus runs shuttles that transport commuters between cities and suburbs. We accomplish this by letting riders book ahead of time, and creating routes on-the-fly in response to demand. This allows us to provide direct routes for employees with long commutes who would otherwise drive to work. We built this product from the ground up. Our MVP was us driving, coordinating via text messages with our earliest customers, and taking them to work from Palo Alto to San Francisco, etc. We’d be happy to answer your questions!
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@raywu Happy user & huge fan of MagicBus here. Congrats on the launch!
@matttbrown thanks Matt!
@matttbrown @raywu is there a stop from the mission to palo alto?
I love magicbus. I use it every day to commute from SF to Mountain View and it's by far the best option. Faster than caltrain/public transportation, much cheaper than Uber, and more efficient than driving. It's basically the Google shuttle for everyone else.
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@snowmaker how much, for your daily commute?
@mjmcclain $14 each way. Much cheaper than what I was doing earlier - Caltrain + Uber - and faster too.
MagicBus is a commuter shuttle that goes between cities and suburbs. I really wish this had existed when I had to commute from San Francisco to San Jose every day. You book the shuttle with the MagicBus app, choose when you want it to arrive, and they pick you up near your home. At scale, MagicBus could also help relieve the traffic congestion problem in the Bay Area (and in any major metropolitan area). They're part of the Winter 2016 batch of Y Combinator.
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Great team and service. Making a big difference for silicon valley commuters. I'm a proud investor.
Hi! Great app. Do you also provide SMS notifications to enable communication between the drivers and passengers?
@farah_berahman Yep Farah, we do! We notify you 10 minutes before the car arrives (adjusted by traffic) to make sure you have enough time to get to the pickup location